Public Accounting Firm Manager (PAFM)™ Program

CPAFMA's Public Accounting Firm Manager (PAFM)™ program* provides the opportunity to demonstrate you have experience with the knowledge, leadership, skills, and abilities to operate at a high level of expertise in the field of accounting firm management.

Think. Experience. Elevate.
The process to attaining the PAFM designation includes meeting the experience-and education-based eligibility requirements, agreeing to adherence to CPAFMA’s Core Values of a Firm Manager, and fulfilling the continuing education/recertification requirements.

The PAFM designation will identify you as a dedicated and experienced accounting firm manager who understands the unique and challenging issues of managing your firm. Accreditation recognizes that you have achieved a level of expertise within the profession of Firm Management, exemplifying your professional capabilities and experience. If transitioning from your current employer, the credential will demonstrate mastery of the skill sets necessary to qualify you as an individual who has attained an unparalleled level of competence in Firm Management.

Regardless of your career stage, a PAFM designation adds relevant depth to your personal and professional development. The content of the PAFM Experience Matrix covers all areas of accounting firm management and administration, providing you with the knowledge and experience necessary for day-to-day, hands-on involvement in all aspects of managing an accounting firm.

PAFM Brochure
PAFM Application
Directory of PAFMs

The Association encourages you to consider pursuing the PAFM designation this year. Many of our PAFMs have told us it is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your firm!

*Becoming Public Accounting Firm Manager is strictly voluntary, and is open to all qualified accounting firm managers, members and non-members alike.