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Are You An Emerging Leader Within the CPA Firm Management Profession?

Published on April 20, 2017

As part of our Strategic Plan, we are looking to engage more “emerging leaders”.  Now that can be a nebulous term but we are loosely defining it as an individual with up to five years of leadership experience in a CPA firm management role.   The individual must be employed by a CPAFMA member firm.  We want to engage our newer members in the organization and profession and to that end there are two things for your consideration:

2017 CPAFMA Emerging Leader of the Year Award

The CPAFMA Emerging Leader of the Year Award honors an individual who works for a member firm who demonstrates a dedication to the CPA firm management profession through strong leadership, teamwork, and integrity, while continually developing their knowledge and experience, necessary in this ever-changing business. The Emerging Leader must also be a strong advocate of CPAFMA's mission to be a recognized leader in CPA firm practice management delivering valuable education and collaboration opportunities for those interested in elevating their practice and strategically growing their firms.

Award Criteria

Nominees must meet the following criteria for consideration for the 2017 CPAFMA Emerging Leader of the Year Award:

• Currently working for CPAFMA member firm in good standing.
• Meets the definition of an emerging leader: an individual with up to five years of leadership experience in a CPA firm management role.
• Demonstrates strong leadership skills and has made a major impact with his/her firm (examples required).
• Demonstrates strong teamwork skills and involvement with the firm’s success (examples required).
• Demonstrates a strong sense of integrity.
• Demonstrates interaction with the firm’s partners.
• Demonstrates a commitment to CPAFMA’s mission (examples required). 

Tips for Nomination Submission

• The nomination form must be completed in full and contain sufficient information documenting the nominee’s contributions and achievement to accurately determine the candidate’s eligibility and qualifications for award.
• Consider writing the nomination summary/citation as if presenting the award to the nominee, as it will form the basis for the award presentation for the selected recipient.
• Use the nomination summary to highlight particular achievements and/or contributions that qualify your nominee for the award.
• It is recommended that in submitting this nomination to the CPAFMA Selection Committee, you assume no one on this committee knows your nominee. The details will provide the big picture.

Award Presentation

The CPAFMA Emerging Leader of the Year Award will be presented at the 2017 National Practice Management Conference. The recipient will receive a plaque and one year of complimentary CPAFMA MAPCasts for the recipient’s firm.

Nomination Submissions

To submit a nomination for the 2017 Emerging Leader of the Year Award, complete the nomination form and submit prior to midnight on May 19, 2017.


Emerging leaders employed by a firm, currently an active member of CPAFMA, are entitled to all the resources and benefits associated with CPAFMA membership. 


For more information, please contact CPAFMA Headquarters at or visit the nomination form.

MAPCast on the Challenges of Being an Emerging Leader

CPAFMA is planning an interactive MAPCast on the "Challenges of Being an Emerging Leader". This program is tentatively scheduled for August 24, 2017 at 3:00 PM EDT.  Watch your inbox for more information. 

If you have questions about either program above, please email CPAFMA.   If you have issues that you would like to discuss as part of our interactive MAPCast, please send an email to